Project Comeback

Project Comeback was established during the COVID-19 pandemic to address the declining mental well-being of young people in the Netherlands. The initiative aims to help young people improve their resilience and mental health by connecting them with elite athletes who can share their stories and experiences.



Features & User Experience

The resilience of elite athletes demonstrates that one can emerge stronger after facing adversity. These athletes have often encountered numerous obstacles on their journey towards success. Their experiences allow them to provide motivation and inspiration, encouraging others to persevere and pursue their aspirations. By sharing their stories, top athletes can help individuals regain their confidence, reignite their dreams, and start living to their fullest potential.

Pop-up redesign to activate, collect & segmentate website visitors

The new website for the Dutch Hair Foundation was successfully launched in January 2022. The foundation has since reported a significant increase in website traffic, as well as positive feedback from users. The website has become a valuable resource for individuals seeking information and support related to hair loss, and has helped to further the mission of the Dutch Hair Foundation.

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